Less than one-third of patients at Mayo University Hospital were admitted to a ward from the Emergency Department within the HSE's target waiting time of 6 hours.

That's according to the findings of the National Inpatient Experience Survey carried out by HIQA, the HSE and the Dept of Health.

846 people discharged from Mayo University Hospital in May this year were invited to participate in the survey, and 396 of these responded - which was a 47% response rate.

In relation to admitting patients to a ward from the hospital's Emergency Department, the HSE's own target waiting time is 6 hours - but at Mayo University Hospital, only 32% of patients were admitted to a ward in that timeframe, while 60% of patients had to wait between 6 and 24 hours, and 8% were left waiting over 24 hours to be admitted to a ward - and most of these patients waited over 2 days for a bed.

The majority of participants in the survey reported a positive experience at Mayo University Hospital - 52% said their overall experience was very good - but this was down from 60% last year, while 27% said their experience was good, and 21% replied "fair to poor".

The survey shows three areas at the Mayo hospital that need improvement - the hospital scored below the national average when it came to patients being treated with respect and dignity, while only 56% of respondents thought the toilets and bathrooms were clean - which was below the national average

The findings of the 2019 survey will be used to help Mayo University Hospital improve the experiences of patients in hospital.


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