Considerable traffic delays are continuing through Foxford town centre and out the N26 Ballina road, as far as O’Hara’s Bakery, and will remain in place until after Monday next at the earliest.

The  stop / go system for traffic will remain in place.

Contractors working on road rehabilitation on this one km stretch of road, have since last night( Wednesay), reverted to working at night, rather than disrupt daytime traffic.

But now a separate contract is underway in the same area. They are connecting up the town’s new waste water treatment plant to the main sewer on the Ballina road and so there are ongoing traffic delays for motorists along this stretch of road, and the stop/ go system remains in place during the day.

Local Fine Gael councillor Neil Cruise told Midwest News this evening that the pipe laying work is expected to be completed after Monday next, while the road contractors will continue working at night and they expect to have their works completed by the end of the month


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