Representatives of the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities addressed the monthly meeting of Mayo County Council yesterday.

They had been invited by councillors to attend, as a critical decision on a licence / certification for Mayo power Ltd in Killala has dragged on for close to a year now.

The energy regulator’s decision last year, to reduce a former energy efficiency certification granted in 2012 to Mayo Renewable Power Plant of 100%, down  to 17 percent under the latest application from Mayo Power Ltd  - has stalled the project estimated to be worth 100 million euro.

Yesterday regulator Paul McGowan told councillors that they hope to talk to the developers of Mayo Power Ltd in the next number of weeks and give a decision on certification shortly.

Local councillor Jarleth Munnelly told Midwest News that it’s welcome news that a decision on the certification for Mayo Power Ltd is imminent and that the developers are to meet with the commission for the regulation of utilities in the next number of weeks.

In 2012, at the former Asahi site in Killala, Mayo Renewable Power planned to build a wood-chip burning electricity generating station, but work ceased in July 2016 as the project ran into a funding shortage.

In 2018 the project was purchased from the liquidator and the new owners then applied for certification / licence  - for essentially the same project.

However, while the initial certification from the CRU was for 100 percent efficiency that was reduced to 17 percent, “essentially for the same project”, when a new application was made.

The developers appealed that rating and are awaiting a decision

Yesterday the regulator explained that while the projects may be “similar”, the business plans for the new project differs, and at the end of the day the regulator makes a decision on strict criteria set down nationally.

Nonetheless they indicated they will talk to the developers and give a decision in the next number of weeks.


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