A silent, 24.7 vigil is continuing outside the Achill Head Hotel in Keel where asylum seekers are due to be housed in emergency accommodation.

News of the hotel becoming an emergency accommodation centre for asylum seekers came as a surprise to islanders on Achill last month, after it emerged that the Department of Justice had entered into a contract with the hotel owner and that asylum seekers would be in place at the hotel within days.

However, three weeks later no asylum seekers have yet arrived in Achill and a 24.7 silent vigil is continuing outside the hotel.

Achill Says Welcome is a local voluntary group that has recently formed to ensure that asylum seekers are aware that there is a welcome for them and everyone on Achill Island, despite many people’s opposition to the direct provision system for asylum seekers and refugees.

Colm Cafferkey is one of the main organisers of the group, who met again yesterday and he’s been telling Midwest News more about why Achill Says Welcome was formed.



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