A silent vigil is continuing in Achill this morning following the statement released yesterday evening by the Department of Justice, that plans to house Asylum Seekers in Emergency Accommodation in The Achill Head, Pollagh have been put on pause. The Department says it's "disappointed at the continuing protest but it will continue to engage, in an effort to resolve the situation.”

A spokesperson for the local residents of Pollagh told Midwest News this morning  that “at no stage was their silent vigil intimidating in any shape or form. Explaining that it is made up completely of local residents from all over Achill who have concerns surrounding the suitability of the Hotel for long term use for vulnerable people.

The spokesperson goes on to say “our concerns and anger lie with the Irish Government who have continuously kept us in the dark  and who failed to consult with us regarding a suitable plan for any help or support for the Asylum Seekers on their arrival to Achill and our fears and concerns about the vulnerability of the group.

Our message remains the same - we are not opposed to having Asylum Seekers in our community, but what we are opposed to, is the lack of consultation from the department around this matter and safety concerns that the site is not suitable for this group of people to be housed in”.

The spokesperson concluded “We look forward to continued negotiations with the Department of Justice in the coming days regarding the next steps and in the meantime the vigil outside the hotel will continue”.




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