Fianna Fail is the most popular political party in the Connacht / Ulster region - according to the latest Irish Times / Ipsos MRBI opinion poll.

Nationally, Fine Gael maintains a narrow lead over Fianna Fail, with the two parties looking set to compete to lead the next Government.

The poll shows national support of 29% for Fine Gael, 25% for Fianna Fail and 14% for Sinn Fein.

The Green Party is up to 8%, Labour Party down 1 to 6% and Independents & Others are at 18%.

Sampling for the poll was conducted among 1,200 voters from Friday to Sunday last, in the wake of last week's Budget and the meeting between Taoiseach Leo Varadker and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Brexit.

The figures are compared with the last poll carried out before the May local and European elections.

A regional breakdown shows Fianna Fail on  34% support in Connacht / Ulster- significantly higher than Fine Gael's 23%, with Sinn Fein on 14% and Labour on 3%




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