Six TDs and senators were found to have made ineligible claims totalling almost €10,000 in 2017 after the audit of 22 Oireachtas members by accountancy firm Mazars.

Mayo Fine Gael Senator Michelle Mulherin was among this group

According to today’s Irish Independent, last night Senator Mulherin disputed the guidelines for expenses claims made under the Public Representation Allowance (PRA).

She paid back €2,000.

The senator told Midwest Radio in a statement this morning that “the vouched expenditure in dispute was on advertisements for clinics in local newspapers”.

In the statement she added that she totally disagrees with the findings of the auditors." Her PRA expenditure was "100pc vouched" she said and added: "Clearly, I have not gained personally from this."

She disputes the legal basis for the PRA guidelines and said she had a senior counsel's opinion to back up her position.

Senator  Mulherin has complained to the Ceann Comhairle "pointing out the need to correct the PRA guidelines".

She concluded saying she has “repaid in full the sum sought”.




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