The EU's chief Brexit negotiator has said that a hard border must be avoided and the Good Friday Agreement protected.


Michel Barnier has met Tánaiste Simon Coveney in Brussels this lunchtime.


Michel Barnier has tweeted to say that a legally operative solution is needed in the Withdrawl Agreement to address the problems created by Brexit on the island of Ireland.


The EU's chief Brexit negotiator added that a hard border must be avoided and the Good Friday Agreement, the all-island econmoy and the integrity of the single market must be protected.


Mr. Barnier has said he hasn't seen any workable proposals from the UK, which could break the current impasse, and the UK's Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay is over in Brussels for talks too today.


His meeting with Mr. Coveney and Mr. Barlcay come on the back of pointed comments by the President of the European Commission.


Jean-Claude Juncker told a German newspaper that if the UK left the EU without a deal, Britain would be to blame.


He also warned that any future trade relationship would be made harder by a no deal exit.


It's been a busy morning on the Brexit front, with Boris Johnson's special adviser saying MPs will stop getting threats and abuse if they "respect" the EU referendum result.


Dominic Cummings added that it's "not surprising" people are angry, because MPs are failing to deliver Brexit.


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