Protests are continuing outside 14 factories today despite reports saying a consensus had been reached over the weekend.

The Independent Farmers of Ireland (IFI) issued a statement last night saying they neither accepted nor rejected the proposals meant to end the ongoing beef dispute.


Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed claimed all the parties in the dispute approved the agreement which will see increased prices for beef farmers and reform of the sector.


However in a statement the IFI said, “Despite reports in the media that this document was signed off by all parties, these reports are not true.”


The deal will only come into effect when pickets and blockades by farmers at meat factories are lifted.


Farm organisations will now work to persuade the farmers to give up their protest.


Farmers protesting outside Dawn Meats in Ballyhaunis say they are not happy with the outcome of the talks as the base price wasn’t addressed.

They say they will have a meeting outside the factory gates in Ballyhaunis tonight at 9pm to discuss their next course of action.


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