Talks aimed at resolving the long-running beef dispute will re-convene in Co Kildare this afternoon.

It comes as protests outside supermarket distribution centres continue.

Despite repeated calls from farmers that retailers be involved in round two of talks, they will not be at the table today.

The Minister for Agriculture convened this meeting, and it's hoped it will resolve issues in relation to the prices farmers are paid for their animals.

The Beef Plan Movement says all farmers want is a fair share of the retail price.

The group held protests outside an Aldi distribution centre in Kildare yesterday, and protests have continued again today.

Locally, farmers are also continuing to protest outside Dawn Meats in Ballyhaunis.

The last round of talks ended after a draft agreement was reached, but farmers weren't fully satisfied with the agreement - or with the pre-condition that price could not be discussed.

Department officials, farming organisations, the Beef Plan Movement, and Meat Industry Ireland will sit down at Backweston in Celbridge again this afternoon in the hope that this beef crisis can be brought to an end.

Meanwhile, the IFA claims that, under current EU and Irish legislation, prices can be discussed at today's meeting.

Galway-based IFA President Joe Healy met with the Competition & Consumer Protection Commission in Dublin on Friday, and says the CCPC put not impediment to cattle prices being discussed at the talks.

Mr Healy says they will be making price an issues when they attend this afternoon's talks, as farmers cannot survive at prices below the cost of production.








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