Rain levels in the West of Ireland last month were almost four times higher than average, and Met Eireann has linked the rainfall levels and above-temperatures in August to global warming.

Statistics contained in Met Eireann's August weather report were described as "what you would expect in a waming climate".

The report shows August's highest monthly rainfall total of over 297mm was at Athenry, Co Galway - which was 276% above average.

The highest daily rainfall total last month was at Newport, Co Mayo on the 30th August when 48.7mm of rain fell - which was its wettest August day since 1998.

Average temperatures for the month of August were lowest at Knock Airport at 14.1 degrees, while the month's lowest temperature nationally was recorded in Claremorris on 13th August at just 4.6 degrees.

The highest temperature last month was 25.4 degrees recorded at Mount Dillon in Co Roscommon on 2nd August.

The report from Met Eireann also said there were a "notable number" of lightening strikes detected on 6 days last month.


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