Lorries and trailers carrying livestock are lined up along the street outside the Dawn Meat Factory entrance in Ballyhanunis today.

Individual protesting farmers are walking up and down along the footpath at the entrance to the factory but they are insisting that they are not blocking any lorries entering the plant.

High Court injunctions were granted to stop the protests at four separate meat factory sites across the country yesterday, but many farmers are refusing to leave insisting they have no choice because of the prices they're getting for their animals.

At least a dozen lorries and trailers with livestock were parked up along the Claremorris side of the entrance to Dawn Meats in Ballyhaunis about an hour ago (12 noon) , while about 20 individual farmers walked up and down outside the gates of the factory. It was pouring down rain but it did not appear to dampen the protesting farmers' resolve. They insisted they have nothing to lose, injunctions or no injunctions, they say they are staying out in peaceful protest until they get a better price for the animals that they are selling to processors.

Midwest News has asked Dawn Meats for a comment this afternoon and we are awaiting a response. On Wednesday Dawn Meats was granted an injunction in the High Court to stop protesters from blocking the entry and exit of lorries at its facilities in Ireland

Among the protesters in Ballyhaunis today was a businessman who explained he is not a farmer but he says the local economy depends on farmers and he said businesses and the wider community should support the farmers in their efforts to secure a price that makes their livelihoods sustainable.