Archaeologists from around the world will descend on IT Sligo today for a 5-day international conference to discuss the use of the latest technology in exploring our past.

Drones, data mining and artificial intelligence will be among the topics discussed by some of the world's leading archaeologists.

Over 140 delegates from 33 countries are attending, and researchers will share how they're using some of the these technological advances in their studies and excavations of ancient sites in places such as Iraq, Egypt, Ethiopia, Turkey, Sri Lanka and Sudan.

The 13th International Conference on Archaeological Prospection is held every two years at various locations, and this is the first time it's being held in Ireland.

The conference was organised by IT Sligo lecturer Dr James Bonsall who has managed research at some of Ireland's leading archaeological sites, including a dig at Carrowmore in Sligo this Summer.

President of IT Sligo Dr Brendan McCormack has welcomed the international conference to the institute and the region, and says it acknowledges IT Sligo as an international centre of excellence in archaeological research.


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