A number of farmers have staged an overnight protest outside the Dawn Meats plant in Ballyhaunis - despite the High Court yesterday granting Dawn Meats and ABP a temporary injunction against protests outside their factories.

The High Court granted the temporary injunction yesterday, after an application by the two companies which said they had no alternative but to take the action, to protect their businesses.

The court heard that a multi-million euro meat deal with China is under threat, because of farmer protests outside processing plants.

Lawyers for Dawn Meats and ABP told Mr Justice Senan Allen that a Chinese delegation is due to visit the factories in the new few days to carry out inspections, with a view to increasing imports to the Chinese market, but claimed the actions of protestors could jeopardise the deal.

The temporary injunction was granted against protests at up to a dozen meat factories, including Dawn Meats in Ballyhaunis, and the proceedings were adjourned until Friday.

However, a small group of individual farmers have spent the night protesting outside Dawn Meats in Ballyhaunis, and have defended their right to stage a peaceful protest in their efforts to secure a better price for their animals.


Meanwhile,  Meat Industry Ireland says a challenging market is to blame for the low prices farmers are getting for their animals.

Spokesman Cormac Healy also says Dawn Meats and ABP were left with no choice but the seek an injunction.....






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