Castlebar man John Regan of DCU’s School of Mathematical Sciences and Centre for Relativity and Astrophysics (CIAR) has been awarded a fellowship by the Royal Society in London. This award is in recognition of his outstanding research and leadership potential..
Dr. Regan’s award is the first University Research Fellowship awarded to DCU since their inception in Ireland in 2015.
John gained national and international prominence for his ground-breaking work on the subject of supermassive black hole formation in the early Universe with articles on his work appearing in both Nature and Nature Astronomy.
The fellowship will allow John to develop state-of-the-art theoretical models to understand the growth of black holes from their formation up to their maximal size, and in the process identify where in the Universe is most conducive to black hole formation.
Speaking about the appointment John said:

“The University Research Fellowships are extremely prestigious and it’s a huge endorsement of my work to be awarded a fellowship by the Royal Society. It’s a real honour to be awarded one.

It feels like Ireland is going through a golden age in astrophysics research at the moment and I’m delighted to be part of it. I’m really looking forward to starting the fellowship and getting on with more ground breaking science.”

Speaking about the appointment Prof Turlough Downes, Director of CfAR, said:

“We are delighted with the announcement of this award to Dr Regan. It underlines once again the world-leading research going on in CfAR - a research centre created in DCU less than 2 years ago but already with a significant and growing international reputation.

Fundamental research such as that supported by this appointment not only drives innovation, but also gives real expression and meaning to humanity’s natural curiosity.

John Regan is a native of Castlebar and was educated in St Patrick’s National School and St Gerald’s




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