The number of vulnerable people waiting for home help support around the country has soared to around 7,200.

In Mayo 341 people are waiting for the essential service, 285 in Galway, 153 in Roscommon and 230 people in Sligo-Leitrim.

That’s according to today’s Irish Independent.

The HSE told the paper that the number of people assessed, prioritised and waiting for new or additional home help services nationally is around 7,200.

That is a rise of just under 900 since April, adding to pressure on the health service.

The HSE says the demand for home support continues to grow and "the main reason is the increase in our older population."

According to the HSE, home support hours are "continually prioritised and allocated based on people's needs and the resources available".

It said that, as of June, an extra 240,000 hours of care had been provided compared to the same period last year.

The statement acknowledged that "waiting times are too long".


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