Senator Frank Feighin has been added to the Fine Gael ticket to contest the next general election in the Sligo/ Leitrim constituency.

The additional place on the party’s ticket arose after former TD, Leitrim based Gerry Reynolds pulled out of the race a few weeks ago.

Former junior minister, Sligo based John Perry was keen to be the replacement candidate for the party.

However, yesterday Mr Perry, who fought a high-profile battle against the party in the High Court in 2015 to contest the 2016 election, lost out to former TD and sitting Senator Frank Feighan who will now run in this 4 seater constituency.

Mr Perry had lobbied strongly to contest the next general election and had claimed private polling showed him in a strong position to win a seat.

However the party opted for Frank Feighan, whose home town of Boyle was moved into the Sligo-Leitrim constituency in the most recent redrawing of boundaries.


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