Irish water has again confirmed that it has no intention of developing a regional sludge hub at Belleek in Ballina, nonetheless it has plans to develop the site already there, as an expanded dewatering location.

 It has now agreed to undertake an odour study in the area and will also undertake a public consultation process ahead of seeking planning permission to increase the capacity of the Ballina plant, as it now stands, by 20 percent.

Irish Water met with local Oireachtas members yesterday to discuss it’s Ballina treatment plant in Belleek, in response to increasing local concerns about the plant already in place.

Residents say that an unpleasant odour periodically emanates from the site, and they have expressed fears that further developments may be underway by the water utility company at the location.

Fine Gael Senator Michelle Mulherin was at yesterday’s meeting and she told Midwest News today that while the meeting helped clarify some of the issues, further information is required.


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