The community of Enniscrone is mounting a protest campaign in opposition to planning permission granted to the ESB by Sligo County Council last Monday to erect a 20 meter telecommunications mast at its sub-station site at Frankford, Enniscrone. The mast is to be used for a 5G network.

News of the development has caused concern locally with a public protest meeting held on Thursday last at the site.

Many local people argue that the planning notice for the proposed development was not adequately displayed in the town, claiming it was erected on a gate, which already had numerous ESB signs beside it.

There are concerns about the potential health impact on the local population from a 5G mast, as it will be located in a populated area with 5 housing estates in the immediate area and a crèche close by. Several hundred people live in close proximity to the site.

Concerns over the visual impact of the development have also been raised.

Local Independent councillor Joe Queenan told Midwest News today that it’s “bizarre” the way in which “the community only realised that a planning application had been sought for this development on the Sunday and the next day, last Monday, it was granted”.

Midwest News contacted the ESB about the development and in a written response the company confirmed that a planning application had been submitted by it to Sligo County Council for the development of telecommunications infrastructure at Enniscrone. “As the planning process is in train, we are not in a position to comment further at this stage”.





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