People working outdoors are urged to be extra vigilant during the Summer months, to reduce their risk of skin cancer.

The Irish Cancer Society says almost one in four skin cancer deaths in Ireland are from the construction, outdoor and farming industries.

In 2016, over 60 deaths in Ireland were related to sun exposure at work - which is more than one death per week.

The Irish Cancer Society says the dangers of skin cancer in these industries have often been neglected, because the risk of accidental death and injury on the job is considered higher and more immediate.

However, long-term exposure to the invisible hazard of the sun's UV rays puts outdoor workers at a high risk of skin cancer.

Every year in Ireland, almost 12,000 people are diagnosed with skin cancer - with more men than women being affected.

Outdoor workers - including farmers, fishermen, builders and postal workers - are being urged to take every precaution to protect their skin while exposed to the sun.



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