The local elections in county Sligo will go ahead tomorrow, despite a request by a local councillor to postpone them, due to the emergence of a high number of postal votes issued under disability status to voters in the county.

Sitting Fine Gael councillor Hubert Keaney made the plea to Sligo county Council to postpone proceedings due to the volume of disabled postal votes issued, he claims, to people outside the country.

A complaint has been lodged by Fine Gael to the gardai about the alleged fraud in relation to the disabled postal voter list in the county.

Sligo County Council has today confirmed to the councillor that tomorrow’s local elections will go ahead as normal, stating that there is no provision in law to defer or delay an election, other than the case of the death of a candidate.

The council has explained that there is legal provision to challenge the outcome of a local election before the Circuit Court within 28 days of the declaration of the result of an election.

Councillor Keaney has been outlining his concerns over the matter to Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley


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