The modular orthopaedic theatres promised for Merlin Park Hospital in Galway will be further delayed by several months, according to the HSE.

The modular theatres were proposed to deal with the backlog of orthopaedic procedures, following the closure of two surgical theatres at the hospital in 2017 due to leaking roofs.

However, 18 months later, the temporary theatres have not been provided, and HSE management confirmed this week that they have failed to reach agreement on the terms of the contract, and have terminated their letter of intent with the provider.

This is a further setback for the modular theatres,  according to Galway City Councillor Padraig Conneely, who had asked HSE management for an update on the current status on the proposed modular theatres for Merlin Park Hospital.

Councillor Conneely told Midwest News that the ongoing delay in providing these modular theatres is most disappointing.


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