A local election candidate in the Ballina Municipal District has questioned why a specific number of sheep are needed in order to tax a commercial vehicle for agricultural use.

Fianna Fail candidate Eamon Moore was reacting after Mayo IFA met with the Mayo Motor Tax Office to seek clarification on the registration of commercial vehicles for agriculture use.

During that meeting it was confirmed that sheep farmers must submit proof of payment from the Department for a minimum flock size of 20 sheep.

Mr Moore says this minimum number will prohibit a large number of farmers from taxing their vehicle for commercial use.

He cites the example of young farmers starting out, who may have under 20 sheep or older farmers who are looking to wind down their operations.

Fianna Fail Deputy Leader Dara Calleary is due to put down a question next week in the Dail to see how many flock owners in Mayo have under 20 sheep in their herd.


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