The Irish Farmers' Association has described the UK's tariff proposals in the event of a no-deal Brexit as a disastrous scenario for farmers.

The Galway-based IFA President Joe Healy said the proposed tariffs would have a devastating effect on the rural economy.

It was announced this morning that, under a temporary arrangement, EU goods arriving from the Republic and remaining in Northern Ireland will not be subject to tariffs.

However, tariffs will be payable on goods moving from the EU into the rest of the UK via Northern Ireland - in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

The IFA President says our most exposed sectors, particularly beef, simply will not survive the kind of tariffs being proposed.

Ireland exports over 50% of our beef to the UK, and if this is subject to tariffs, it will be a 'direct hit' of almost €800m on the sector" according to Joe Healy.


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