The operators of the car-park at University Hospital Galway should be more lenient, in cases where people parked in a hurry to get a loved one into hospital and may not have money with them to pay the parking charges.

That's according to Galway City Councillor Padraig Conneely who raised the matter at this week's HSE Regional Forum meeting in Merlin Park Hospital.

It emerged at the meeting that revenue from car-parking charges was worth a net €1.3 million euro to Galway University Hospital in 2016.

Councillor Conneely outlined two issues in relation to parking at the hospital - firstly he outlined the difficulties people have in getting a parking space, and secondly, he gave examples of when people may not have money with them to pay the fees, if they rushed to the hospital in an emergency situation.

The meeting was told that concessions are available in some circumstances, but Councillor Conneely says the general public are not aware of these concessions.


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