It may be Valentines Day, but Gardai are advising people to beware of Romance Scams.

Gardai say victims of a scam believe they have met their perfect match online, but the other person is a scammer using a fake profile to build the relationship and gain the victim's trust, with a view to eventually asking them for money.

Recently, a romance fraudster in the West of Ireland was found guilty of taking nearly €19,000 from a victim over a 5-month period, after meeting the victim through a dating website.

Elsewhere, a married woman was scammed out of almost €50,000 after an on-line romance with a conman.

She was showered with expensive gifts, before being asked to invest in the fraudster's business.

Gardai are advising people to only use trusted dating websites, do not share personal details, and do not send or receive money.


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