A fire occurred, for the second time in five weeks, last night at the Shannon Key West Hotel, Rooskey, on the Leitrim/ Roscommon border. The hotel is still ear-marked to become a reception centre for asylum seekers.

Just before ten o clock last night a window was broken in the building and an attempt was made to start a fire on the premises. The alarms in the hotel went off and security personnel in the hotel called the Gardaí.

Three units of the fire services arrived on the scene and brought the incident under control. No serious damage was caused.

Gardaí in Co Leitrim will carry out a forensic examination at the scene today.

Less than 5 weeks ago Gardaí had to respond to an arson attack on the hotel. On that occasion smoke damage was caused but last night's incident has now raised serious concern in the area with Gardaí investigating claims that a fire bomb may have been used.


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