Minister Katherine Zappone says that she is determined that every possible option is examined in addressing the concerns of those most impacted by the discovery of juvenile remains at the site of the former Mother and Baby Home in Tuam. 

The Minister has updated representative groups on a number of actions now underway.

In response to the requests to begin collecting the DNA samples of survivors and relatives, Minister Zappone has asked Dr Geoffrey Shannon to examine whether it is possible to meet this request within the current legislative framework. She says the examination will be done in the context of what is scientifically possible. 

The preparation of legislation is a priority within the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, she insists,  with a new unit established for this task. Additional staff from other Departments are expected to be assigned to the unit in the coming weeks.  

Scoping of the legislation has commenced and the Minister says that the approach taken will be further informed by the forthcoming report in March by the Commission of Inquiry into Mother and Baby Homes into burials at these institutions. In parallel to the legislative project, work will also be carried out on sourcing appropriate expertise to carry out the works.


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