The Minister for Rural and Community Development, has called on anyone over the age of 70 to check that they are availing of household and medical benefits that they are entitled to.

He says the Household Benefits Package is a package of allowances which help with the costs of running a household. The package is available to everyone aged over 70 and to people under age 70 in certain circumstances, regardless of income.”

Under the Household Benefits Package anyone over 70 is entitled to:

  • Electricity Allowance: €35 monthly (€1.15 per day)
  • Natural Gas Allowance: €35 monthly (€1.15 per day)
  •  Free Television Licence

If your home is not connected to an electricity or natural gas supply but you satisfy the conditions of the scheme, you can get the Cash Gas Allowance of €35 (equal to €1.15 per day).

If you are living in self-contained accommodation and you have your own electricity slot meter you may qualify for a monthly Cash Electricity Allowance of €35 (equal to €1.15 per day)

The Minister is also urging people over 70 to avail of the Free GP Visit Card that they are entitled to.


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