The Transport Minister has launched a scathing attack on what he calls 'the lunatic fringe' in Leinster House opposed to tougher drink drive laws.

Shane Ross has suggested any government Ministers who criticised the enforcement of the laws were 'unfit for office'

Transport Minister Shane Ross is today responding to intense criticism from some rural TDs over tougher new drink drive laws.

In particular some have raised the issue of an increase in the number of driver breathalyser tests being carried out in the morning across the country.

Over the New Year period 43 people were arrested between the hours of 9 am and noon on suspicion of drink driving, out of a total of 445 people.

Writing in today's Sunday Independent, Minister Ross slammed TDs who criticised the new drink driving laws, referring to the lunatic fringe in Leinster House.

He also told the paper that any government Minister's who criticised the enforcement of the laws were unfit for office.