Questions are being asked as to why Mayo county council built a footpath in Ballina in front of a new development, when the installation of a new footpath was part of the planning conditions imposed by the local authority on the developer in granting planning permission, in the first place.

Independent councillor Gerry Ginty raised his concerns at yesterday’s monthly meeting of Ballina Municipal District and is demanding clarification from the council as to how this occurred on the Behy road in the town.

He claims that the local authority was informed by him, before the work on the footpath got underway, that it was part of the developers planning conditions for the new business, but that this appeared to have no effect.

The cllr says he absolutely agrees that a new footpath was needed in this particular area, as it was causing safety concerns for pedestrians in the locality. In fact, some months ago he seconded a motion proposed by another Ballina councillor calling on Mayo county council to install a new footpath in this location, but he says, at that time he was not aware that its installation was part of the planning conditions imposed on the developer.

He explained that subsequently he became aware of the planning conditions and immediately went to the local authority and informed it of the same. Nonetheless, rate payers money has been used by Ballina Municipal District to build the footpath, that was the responsibility of the developer.

He asked why this has happened and council management said they would investigate the incident and come back with details to councillors.

Councillor Ginty told Midwest News he is demanding answers.


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