Public lighting is to be restored to residents of two private housing estates in Ballina left in the dark for a number of years now.

The two estates, Ashbourne Grove and Orchard Court, remain unfinished, and so are not yet taken in charge of by Mayo County Council.

The plight of residents left in the dark in both estates has been highlighted on a number of occasions by local Fine Gael councillor John O’Hara at meetings of Ballina Municipal District.

The ESB cuts off the power to estates for public lighting when no one is paying the bill.

According to cllr O’Hara speaking to Midwest News today, Joe Lavelle, the owner of the Merry Monk in Ballina, has now agreed to pay the bill until both estates are taken in charge of by Mayo County Council .

The matter will be raised again at tomorrow's monthly meeting of Ballina Municipal District.


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