Consumers and retailers are urged to take precautions in the run up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Gardai have issued some online shopping tips for the next few days.



Be Informed, be alert and be secure, is the advice from the Gardai as they urge consumers and retailers to shop and sell online safely and protect their personal details with the approach of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Among the top tips are to only buy from trusted sources and secure websites looking for the padlock symbol and the s in HTTPS.

Never send your card or pin number to anyone by email and switch from WiFi to 3 or 4G before making payments.

Read terms and conditions - and don't commit to a series of recurring payments - especial when free trials are offered.

Retailers are also warned they too can be the target of online frauds so check details and be cautious.

If you do have any suspicions - report them to your local Garda station and to your bank.



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