The Government has unveiled Budget 2019 with no real surprises in Paschal Donohoe's plan.

More than 66 billion euro will be spent next year.

2.3 billion will be spent in 2019 on housing, including 1.25 billion to deliver 10,000 social homes next year.

An affordable Housing scheme has been funded, which the government hopes will deliver 6,000 affordable homes.

The health budget will be brought to 17 billion and free GP care extended to an extra 100,000 people.

An extra 84 million has been dedicated to mental health services.

Social Welfare payments will rise by 5 euro a week across the board, and the Christmas bonus will be restored in full for all social welfare recipients.

Cigarettes will be 50 cent a pack more expensive, while alcohol has been left alone in this Budget.

There's no carbon tax increase but a 1 per cent surcharge has been put on VRT for diesel cars.

The Minimum wage is to be increased to 9.80 per hour

The most contentious measure may be increasing the VAT rate for the tourism and hospitality sector to 13.5 per cent

The Restaurants Association of Ireland is describing the Budget as "a dark day for the tourism and hospitality sector".


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