Over 50 bicycles have been stolen across Co Mayo since the start of 2016, while nationally,  almost €2 million worth of bikes have been taken in that timeframe.

"Lock It or Lose It" is the title of a new Garda campaign launched today, where Gardai are appealing to cyclists to take extra precautions to keep their bicycles safe by locking them as securely as possible.

Over 14,000 bikes have been stolen across the country since the start of 2016 - including over 500 in Galway,  51 in Mayo, and 59 in the Roscommon / Longford division.

Gardai say the average cost of a bike stolen is over €500, and the most common time for the thefts is during the daylight hours of 8am-5pm.

Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway account for 83% of the theft of bikes, with over 50% taken from public streets and 32% stolen from homes.

Gardai are advising cyclists to spend between 10 and 20% of the value of their bike on two locks, lock their bike tightly to an immovable object, lock your bike indoors or in well-lit areas if possible, and take a photo of your bike, note the serial numbers and email it back to yourself so you have a record of it.




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