When we read that the guys over at Westport House were hiring staff, it got us thinking about how cool it would be to work in somewhere as iconic as Westport House! Here are just five reasons why it would be a brilliant place to work!

You Get to be a Pirate!

Part of the job description for the Pirate Adventure Park is, and we quote, "...operating the Pirate Ship and the Pirates Plunge." OPERATING THE PIRATE SHIP! Where do we sign up?? Seriously, how great would that be though? It would be one of the greatest answers to that age old question "What do you do with yourself?" "Me? I operate a Pirate Ship." Imagine! And that's not all, you get to work on the Giant Swan Boats, the Cannonball Run, Indoor Soft Play, Bouncy Castle, Go Karting, AND drive the Miniature Rail Train! Why did we not see this job application sooner!? cry

Work Outdoors

Ok, the Irish weather isn't *always* perfect but we've got it on good authority that the 2018 summer is going to be a cracker...and anyway, what's a drop of rain every now and again when you get to spend your days out in the fresh air, having the craic in the Pirate Adventure Centre. No one likes being stuck inside in a stuffy office so to get the chance to be outside AND having fun... it's a no brainer really!

Dressing Up

Fancy something a bit more refined? How about getting to wear a traditional Victorian uniform and deliver an authentic 19th century experience... that's right, you get to dress up at work! It's basically like working on a film set the whole time we reckon. Delivering the Afternoon Tea & Tour experience in the stunning Drawing Room - historical and fun... why wasn't school more like that?

Every day is different

When you're working somewhere that people are always in holiday mode, it's bloody great! Every visitor to Westport House has a different story to tell and when you're getting visitors from all over the world, that's a lot of stories! No two days would be the same as you meet tourists from all over the continent, the UK, the US, Australia, Japan, China.. you name it, Westport House draws them in! 

That View

Last but not least - imagine walking in to this view every day?

Stunning!laughing There's not many workplaces that look, or indeed, are as cool as Westport House and we could got on about why it'd be such a great place to work but the boss is getting suspicious now! If you would like to go along to the Westport House Seasonal Recruitment Day this Saturday, April 28th, 2018 from 2pm-5pm, you can find out more by clicking here