This weekend sees the famous Euroshow Funfair head to Castlebar and it got us thinking about our favourite memories of funfairs back in the day. Nothing could beat those summer nights with the smell of popcorn and candy floss wafting luring you in as the air was punctuated by the sound of laughter and screams of excitement from young and old as they took in the fun-filled mini-adventures. We chatted in the office and here are our top four favourite funfair attractions!

The Waltzer 

You can't but start with one of the classics - the Waltzer. It's the perfect centrepiece of any funfair, that'll ease you into the slightly more demanding attractions later on! The Waltzer is one of the first fairground rides that most of us here tried out when we first hit the funfair showing it's ideal for anyone from young to old!

 A Waltzer from Bird's Euroshow

Dodgem Cars

Dodgems or Bumping Cars, whatever you call them, you can't deny how much craic they are! There's a couple of schools of thought on this one - do you try and avoid every other driver on the floor like a pro or do you put the foot down and rattle into everything that moves!? Personally we were fans of trying to outmanoeuvre all and sundry, but that never really worked out!

The Miami Trip 

You need a strong constitution for this one! There's a few in the office who never dared with the Miami Trip due to a serious case of 'scaredy-cat-itis' but they definitely missed out to be fair. If you follow the screams across Bird's Euroshow this weekend they'll almost certainly lead you to the Miami Trip but they'll be screams of excitement, there's no doubt about it! Don't be surprised to see many get off the ride and start queing straight away again, it's that much fun.

The Frisbee

Now this is a new one for us but it looks so good we couldn't leave it out. If you're in Castlebar this weekend and you're heading along to the Military Barracks, you're definitely going to be drawn to this ride! We'd advise to leave the candy floss until after you have a go though!

Check out the Military Barracks in Castlebar this weekend as the Castlebar Boxing Club host the EuroShow Funfair! More details here



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