• Hospitals are bracing themselves for another busy day, following record trolley numbers yesterday.

    The HSE has cancelled all non-urgent surgery at hospitals across the country today, in an attempt to reduce the trolley crisis.

    It’s after the INMO reported 714 patients on trolleys and wards nationally yesterday.

    A spokesperson for the Saolta hospital group told Midwest News this morning that while non-urgent electives are cancelled there are some urgent elective procedures proceeding at Mayo University Hospital today.

    She added that patients have been contacted directly in relation to their procedures.


  • Over 10 thousand people were waiting on trolleys in hospitals last month - the worst April on record.

     The figures from the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation show an 8 per cent increase on April 2018 and a 125 percent increase on the same month in 2006 when records began.

     The worst affected hospital for overcrowding was University Hospital Limerick with 1,026 patients followed by Cork, while University Hospital Galway had the third-highest trolley numbers with 638 people waiting on trolleys during the month of April.

    That's a four-fold increase at the Galway Hospital since 2006 when records began.

    At Mayo University Hospital 272 patients spend time on trolleys last month, while 446 patients were on trolleys at Sligo University Hospital.


  • Sligo University Hospital has the second highest number of patients on trolleys nationally today, according to the INMO.

    There are 28 patients waiting for a bed at the Sligo hospital - second only to 46 patients on trolleys at Limerick University Hospital.

    8 patients are waiting for a bed at UHG and 4 at Mayo University Hospital, while across the country, the number on trolleys today is 297.

    Sligo University Hospital has seen a dramatic rise in the number of patients on trolleys over the past month.

    During the month of October, there were 454 people on trolleys - more than double the figure for October last year.

  • 331 people are waiting on trolleys in hospitals across the country this afternoon.

    Figures from the INMO show University Hospital Galway is the most over crowded with 38 people waiting for a bed.

    Tallaght University Hospital in Dublin is next with 29 people on trolleys. 

    There are 21 patients waiting for a bed at Sligo University Hospital, and 11 at Mayo University Hospital.



  • 664 people are on trolleys in hospitals across the country today.

    According to the INMO, the worst affected is Cork University Hospital where 63 people are waiting for beds. 

    It's followed by University Hospital Galway where 50 patients are on trolleys.

    There are 27 patients waiting on trolleys today at Sligo University Hospital.

    There are 15 patients waiting on trolleys at Mayo University Hospital and 4 at Portiuncula Hospital, Ballinasloe.

  • There are 49 patients on trolleys waiting for a hospital bed again today at University Hospital Galway, yesterday there were 52 patients on trolleys at the facility and generally the numbers of patients presenting at the Emergency Department of the hospital continue to rise.

    The numbers are impacting on elective procedures at the hospital, according to Headford based Fianna Fail councillor Mary Hoade.

    HSE management confirmed last week that there has been a 4 percent rise in demand on the ED of University Hospital Galway in the first eight months of this year over last year.

    According to the INMO trolley Watch figures today there are 17 patients on trolleys at Mayo University Hospital, 23 at Sligo University Hospital and 1 at Portiuncula in Ballinasloe.

    The ongoing overcrowding at the ED at Galway University Hospital and its impact on elective surgery in Galway has been highlighted by cllr Hoade at a recent HSE West Forum meeting.

    The Fianna Fail councillor says she is aware of many patients who have had their elective procedures cancelled at short notice due to the demands for beds at UHG.

    A new Emergency dept  at UHG to meet the increasing demands was approved by government almost five years ago, but to date, councillor Hoade says no planning has been sought for the development.