• Hospitals have reported a further reduction in the number of patients admitted with confirmed and suspected cases of Covid-19.

    There are now a total of 902 patients in hospitals with either confirmed or suspected coronavirus.

    The hospitals with the most confirmed cases are in Dublin, while Mayo University Hospital has 31 patients with confirmed Covid-19 and 14 suspected cases.

    The latest HSE figures also show there are 90 patients with the virus in intensive care units across the country, which is also reduction on recent days.

    Meanwhile, the testing criteria issued to GPs for Covid-19 has been broadened, so that patients no longer need to be in an at-risk group to be referred for a test.

    Patients need only to have a sudden onset of either a cough, fever, or shortness of breath, and no other cause that explains their illness, to be eligible for testing.

    They need to be referred by their GP for a test.

  • People with fever, a recent cough or shortness of breath can look for a Covid-19 test from this morning.

    The case definition for testing is being broadened meaning now only one symptom is needed rather than two.

    18 more people with Covid-19 in the Republic have died, bringing the death toll to 1,102, while there are now 19,648 confirmed cases.

    The number of confirmed cases of the virus in Connaught counties continues to rise, with the highest number of incidents in the province in county Mayo.

    There are now 464 people with positive cases of Covid -19 in Mayo, 335 in Galway, 135 in Roscommon and 114 in Sligo.

  • The criteria for who can be tested for Covid-19 is likely to be broadened later today.
    The National Public Health Emergency Team meets this morning to assess the country's response to the pandemic, and to consider how any of the current restrictions could be lifted next month.
    The death toll from Covid-19 has risen to 794, after a further 28 patients died.
    936 new cases have also been detected, which is the highest daily increase, and brings the number of positive tests to 17,607.28 more people with Covid-19 have died in the Republic.

    The death toll related to the virus in the Republic now stands at 794.

    936 new cases have been detected in the past 24 hours, with the total number of positive tests standing at 17,607.

    There are 26 more cases of Covid-19 in Mayo, bringing the total number of cases in the county to 365, and Mayo remains the county in Connaught with the highest number of confirmed cases of the virus.

    There are now 315 cases in Galway, 98 in Sligo, and 92 in Roscommon.

    Chief medical officer Tony Holohan says today's meeting will look at increasing testing.


    The criteria for testing for Covid-19 changed yesterday evening. A person now needs to have two symptoms to qualify for the test, before contacting his/her GP to secure a test appointment.

    If you have a fever or a chill with one the following symptoms- a cough of any kind or a breathing difficulty - you are advised to immediately self isolate and call your GP, according to Dr Ciara Kelly, Public Health Doctor with the HSE West.

    She told Midwest News today that the reason for the change in criteria, is to establish more quickly the number of people in the country with the Covid 19 virus.

    Testing to date, she explained, was proving positive in just 6 percent of people tested and public health want to identify the higher incident of the virus they know is out there,  and then prioritise testing around those with it and their immediate contacts, in an effort to control its spread more effectively.