• Ireland needs to become a bridge builder within the UN, according to former President, Ballina native, Mary Robinson.

    Ireland last night launched a bid to be added to the UN Security Council.

    Officials say it would give an opportunity to be involved in the major decisions facing the world over the next few years.

    Mary Robinson says it's a role in which Ireland can excel.

    The former UN Commissioner is one of those strongly supporting Ireland’s bid to secure  a seat in 2021.

    She also criticised some of the permanent members of the council like the US and Russia for using a veto on serious issues.

    Among the issues she wants tackled is sexual exploitation, which was described as an act of war.

    The Taoiseach and Tánaiste, who are in New York, have stressed how our history of peacekeeping could bring a unique voice to the council.

    U2 star Bono also addressed the launch, criticising Donald Trump's government for pulling out of the Paris climate accord.

  • The Tánaiste is appealing to protesting beef farmers to end their blockades of beef factories across the country.

    Minister Simon Coveney says the demonstrations could cause irreversible damage to the beef sector "within days".

    It comes as fresh legal threats have been issued by Dawn Meats against the Beef Plan Movement, regarding damages for losses that may have been incurred during the protests.

    The company has also contacted Gardaí about protesters wearing masks outside some of its factories, describing it as a "sinister development".

    Speaking at the Ploughing Championships in Carlow this afternoon, Tánaiste Simon Coveney said farm families could become the casualty of the dispute:

  • The Tánaiste is to brief Cabinet colleagues today on the state of play on Brexit.

    Officials say Simon Coveney will bring a memo to discuss planning with ministers for the UK's EU exit.

    It comes amid growing pessimism in the Government about the prospects of a resolution in London, according to the Irish Times.