• The Irish Farmers Journal is reporting this morning that the Beef Plan Movement is in turmoil, with its national commi­ttee at war with its founders Hugh Doyle and Eamon Corley over financial and governance issues.

    Members of the national committee and a county commi­ttee have said they have “grave issues and concerns surrounding transparency in the organisation including membership numbers”.

    The committee has called for an independently audited set of accounts to be made available to it immediately. 

    A power struggle has seen county commi­ttees take votes of no confidence in Doyle and Corley including Westmeath, Offaly, Laois, Kerry, Sligo, Monaghan and Donegal.

    County elections in many counties won’t be held before an extraordinary general meeting takes place on 26 January.

  • A body which was exhumed in Co Sligo is not that of a missing Tyrone schoolgirl. 

    According to the BBC, the family of Arlene Arkinson said tests were carried out on the remains which were found in Co Sligo and they are not that of the 15-year-old who disappeared following a night out in Donegal in 1994. 

    She was last seen in the company of convicted child killer Robert Howard, who was cleared of her murder but remains the main suspect.

    Arlene’s sister Kathleen Arkinson told the BBC: "My hope in finding the remains of my sister, Arlene, have been dashed again."

    Howard died in a UK prison in 2015 while serving a life sentence for rape and murder.


  • A body has been found by Gardaí investigating the disappearance of 30-year-old Natalia Karaczyn in Sligo.

    Ms Karaczyn has been missing from her home at Crozon Park in Sligo town since early Sunday.

    The discovery was made around 10am in the Holywell Road area on the outskirts of Sligo town. 

    A wooded area close to Lough Gill has been sealed off.

    This morning a man who was being questioned about her disappearance was released without charge.

    The 32-year-old man was released from Ballymote Garda Station early this morning.

  • Irish Water, working in partnership with Sligo County Council, would like to advise customers supplied by the Lough Talt Public Water Supply that the Boil Water Notice that was issued on the supply on Monday, February 5 will remain in place during the high risk cryptosporidium season which runs until the end of April/beginning of May.

    Following a meeting with the relevant stakeholders this afternoon (Friday), the HSE advised that the BWN should continue during this time. It was agreed that weekly sampling will continue until the end of April after which time all results will be reviewed collectively by all stakeholders and further actions will be advised by the HSE. The HSE has confirmed that to date there have been no cases of associated illness reported in the community.

    Out of 18 samples collected over the past few weeks, six have returned with exceedances for cryptosporidium.

    In the meantime, Irish Water will continue to engage with Sligo County Council to prepare a suitable planning application for submission which, if granted, will ensure the necessary barriers against cryptosporidium are installed at the Lough Talt Water Treatment Plant. Irish Water will be submitting a planning application to Sligo County Council to provide an emergency water treatment plant on the existing site towards the end of April

    Areas affected by the Boil Water Notice include the towns of Tubbercurry and Ballymote and a large rural hinterland including the villages of Annagh, Aclare, Bellaghy, Bunnanaddan, Curry, Lavagh, Ballanacarrow, Carroweden, Kilmacteige, Quarryfield and Coolaney.

    This boil notice also includes customers supplied by the Ogham Group Water Scheme (GWS) in Co Sligo and the following areas in Co Mayo: Cloontia, Doocastle, and the Moylough GWS.


  • A boil water notice for customers supplied by the Lough Talt Public Water Supply in Co Sligo and part of Co Mayo has been lifted after being in place for over eight months.

    The notice came into effect on 5th February, following the detection of cryptosporidium in the water supply, affecting some 13,000 customers in south and west Sligo as well as the area supplied by the Ogham Group Water Scheme in Co Mayo.

    The notice has now been lifted following a meeting yesterday between Irish Water, the HSE and Sligo County Council.

    The decision was made to lift the notice with immediate effect as there have been no reported cases of illness in the community and no detections of the cryptosporidium parasite recorded since the end of August. 

    However, Irish Water has warned that, until the Lough Talt water treatment plant is upgraded, there is a risk of further detections in the supply and it is possible a boil water notice will be re-imposed if there are more detections.

    A planning application lodged by Irish Water in 2015 for a new treatment plant at Lough Talt was refused for reasons of protected habitat at the lake.

    A new application was made in May of this year to upgrade the current plant, which Sligo County Council is currently considering.

  • Over 13,000 people are affected as a boil water notice has been reissued for the Lough Talt Regional Water Supply scheme, following the detection of cryptosporidium in the treated water coming from the plant.

    This affects the towns of Tubbercurry and Ballymote, and a large rural hinterland of south Sligo including the villages of Annagh, Aclare, Curry, Lavagh, Ballinacarrow, Carrowneden, Kilmacteigue and Coolaney.

    The boil water notice also affects customers supplied by the Ogham Group Water Scheme, as well as customers in the Cloontia, Doocastle and Quarryfield areas of Co Mayo.

    A boil notice was originally issued for the Lough Talt water supply last February, and wasn't lifted until October.

    However, the supply has been monitored closely by Irish Water since then, and following the recent detection of cryptospodidium and two cases of illness, a boil notice has again been issued for the Lough Talt water supply.

    Consumers are advised to boil water for drinking, preparing salads and uncooked foods, brushing teeth, and making ice.



  • Irish Water is reminding customers supplied by the Lough Talt Public Water supply scheme that the boil water notice remains in place until further notice.

    The boil alert was issued two weeks ago, following the detection of cryptosporidium in the treated water coming from the plant.

    A two-week testing and sampling programme is continuing, and once the results have been received and reviewed by all stakeholders involved, further action will be advised by the HSE.

    In the meantime, customers are reminded to continue boiling water before consumption, including the washing of teeth, making of ice and preparing food that’s not cooked.

    Areas affected by the boil water notice include the towns of Tubbercurry and Ballymote, as well as a number of Sligo villages and townlands, and the Mayo villages of Cloontia, Doocastle as well as for customers supplied by the Moylough Group Water Scheme in Mayo and the Ogham group water scheme in Co Sligo.



    Irish Water, working in partnership with Sligo County Council, would like to remind customers supplied by the Lough Talt Public Water Supply that the Boil Water Notice that was issued on the supply on Monday, February 5 remains in place until further notice.


    Sampling and testing was impacted this week due to the adverse weather conditions and will resume once conditions permit next week. As a result an update meeting that was due to take place today has been postponed until Friday, March 9. The results of the second set of samples will be reviewed collectively before further actions are advised by the HSE. The HSE has confirmed that to date there have been no cases of associated illness reported in the community.


    Commenting on the Boil Water Notice, Seamus Granahan, Regional Asset Operations Manager from Irish Water said: “We would like to remind customers to continue boiling their water before consumption. We would also like to stress that this is NOT a Do Not Use Notice. Once boiled and cooled the water is perfectly safe to consume.


    “Public health is our number one priority and it is imperative that people adhere to the boil water notice. Irish Water sincerely apologise for the inconvenience that this Boil Water Notice has caused and we will continue to communicate with local stakeholders and elected representatives to keep the community updated.”


    In the meantime Irish Water is urgently progressing with an alternative design proposal and will be in consultation with the relevant stakeholders regarding this detailed option over the next few weeks.


    The priority for Irish Water is to ultimately provide compliant and robust water treatment for the 13,000 people who are affected by this Boil Water Notice in the shortest possible time.


    Over the past couple of weeks Irish Water, in partnership with Sligo County Council, has completed a review of the catchment followed by protection works at the inlet.


    Areas affected by the Boil Water Notice include the towns of Tubbercurry and Ballymote and a large rural hinterland including the villages of Annagh, Aclare, Bellaghy, Bunnanaddan,Curry, Lavagh, Ballanacarrow, Carroweden, Kilmacteige, Quarryfield and Coolaney.


    This boil notice also includes customers supplied by the Ogham Group Water Scheme (GWS) in Co Sligo and the following areas in Co Mayo: Cloontia, Doocastle, and the Moylough GWS.


    Customers are reminded to continue to boil water before consumption including the washing of teeth, making of ice and in the preparation of food that is not cooked. It is imperative that people adhere to the boil water notice.


    A map of the scheme is available on the Irish Water and Sligo County Council’s websites.


    Irish Water and Sligo County Council sincerely apologise to all customers for any inconvenience caused by this Boil Water Notice.


    Water must be boiled for:

    • Drinking
    • Drinks made with water
    • Preparation of salads and similar foods, which are not cooked prior to eating
    • Brushing of teeth
    • Making of ice - discard ice cubes in fridges and freezers and filtered water in fridges. Make ice from cooled boiled water.


    What actions should be taken:


    • Use water prepared for drinking when preparing foods that will not be cooked (e.g. washing salads)
    • Water can be used for personal hygiene, bathing and flushing of toilets but not for brushing teeth or gargling
    • Boil water by bringing to a vigorous, rolling boil (e.g. with an automatic kettle) and allow to cool. Cover and store in a refrigerator or cold place. Water from the hot tap is not safe to drink. Domestic water filters will not render water safe to drink
    • Caution should be taken when bathing children to ensure that they do not swallow the bathing water
  • The management company that runs a Direct Provision centre in Sligo have refuted claims of a rat infestation problem at Globe House Accomodation Centre.

    The issue was highlighted in the Irish Times yesterday, but Bridgestock has denied the claims.

    The company has also forwarded a statement to Midwest News from Rentokil – the pest control company – which confirmed there has never been any issues with rats at Globe House, and no rat-related incidents have been noted during routine inspections.


  • Senator Frank Feighan has said it was disappointing that the three day British Irish Parliamentary Assembly conference set to open in Sligo later today was postponed but did emphasise that people’s safety took priority during this period of severe weather.

    Senator Feighan said, in the interests of the safety of all of members, guest speakers and support staff, a decision was made to postpone this plenary but he is confident that revised dates for Sligo will be agreed as soon as possible. 

    The Assembly comprises politicians from many different persuasions but all with a unified purpose of promoting co-operation on both sides of the Irish Sea and for the benefit of the people they represent.

  • The centenary of women's suffrage is being marked in County Sligo today.

    A seminar in honour of the achievements made by women in the trade union movement and politics is being held in Lissadell House.

    SIPTU's hosting the summer school to recognise the contribution Constance Markievicz made to women in politics and to the people of the North West.

    SIPTU Sligo, Leitrim and Roscommon District Council Secretary, John McCarrick says she helped women get the vote.

  • A Charlestown Councillor says he has to commend Minister Michael Ring and Deputy Sean Canney for the regional projects that have approved under the Ireland 2040 plan.

    However Sinn Fein Cllr Gerry Murray says as a member of the Committee of the Regions he was shocked by the resistance those west of Ireland TDs met with when putting forward various projects.

    Cllr Murray says there is also a problem with the major infrastructure projects that have been approved, as he claims anything west of the Shannon will have to undergo a cost benefit analysis.

    He also hit out at Fianna Fail and says they could have vetoed this plan and have had it amended at any time.

  • Irish Water is reminding customers that the boil water notice, issued on Monday for the Lough Talt Public Water supply scheme, remains in place until further notice, following the detection of cryptosporidium in the treated water.

    Irish Water has now confirmed that Charlestown has been removed from the boil alert, while the Moylough Group Water Scheme on the Mayo / Sligo border has been added.

    Areas affected include the towns of Tubbercurry and Ballymote, and a large rural hinterland including the villages of Annagh, Aclare, Bellaghy, Bunnanaddan, Curry, Lavagh, Ballinacarrow, Carroweden, Kilmacteige, Quarryfield and Coolaney.

    It also includes customer supplied by the Ogham Group Water scheme in Co Sligo, while Mayo areas affected include Cloontia, Doocastle and the Moylough Group Water Scheme.

    Customers are reminded to boil water before consumption, until further notice.

    A water sampling plan is starting today for a 2-week period, and the results will be reviewed before further action is advised by the HSE

    Irish Water is also increasing its scouring programme over the next few days which might cause some discolouration to water.

    Customers who experience discolouration should run the tap until the water runs clear.


    A child who was hit in the face by a shower of broken glass during road collision has been awarded €37,500 damages in the Circuit Civil Court.


    The court heard Stella Danijelianc, whose mother lives at St Joseph's Terrace, Gallows Hill, Sligo, had been strapped into a child’s seat in the rear of her mother’s car when it was involved in a serious road collision.

    The toddler, who was 18 months old at the time, was cut in several places on her face by tiny shards of glass.


    The collision occurred on 30th October, 2014, and Stella, who is now aged five, sustained multiple significant abrasions to the right side of her face from pieces of shattered glass.

    A car in front of Ms Danijelianc’s vehicle had apparently collided with an oncoming truck which had then lost control.


    Circuit Court President, Mr Justice Raymond Groarke, heard that Ms Gajane Danijelianc’s vehicle had been crashed into by the truck. An occupant in the second car that had been struck had died in the accident.


    Stella had been taken by ambulance to the emergency department of Sligo Regional Hospital where her wounds had been cleaned and treated with an antibiotic cream.

    Judge Groarke was informed that insurers for three defendants in the case had made a settlement offer of €37,500 to Stella.

    The judge said it was a good settlement on Stella’s behalf and approved the offer.

  • This September, first time television presenter Cillian Sherlock from Claremorris, Co.Mayo is the newest addition to the news2day team.

    Following a call out to media and journalism graduates across the country,and a comprehensive audition process, Cillian was chosen to join the team and began broadcasting live this week on RTÉ2 and RTÉ News Now. 

    Cillian studied journalism and new media at University of Limerick, minoring in law. During his time in university, he was involved with radio station ULFM and was Production Manager of Limerick Voicestudent newspaper distributed by the Limerick Leader.

    Cillian was born in Co. Sligo, where some of his family still live in Gurteen, and he grew up in Claremorris

    He loves to travel, carrying his camera everywhere he goes, and has a huge interest in film and television.


  • The Cloonacool to Tubbercurry road is closed to traffic following a single vehicle collision shortly before 10am.

    Emergency services are at the scene and the road is expected to be closed for some time.

  • The community of Enniscrone is mounting a protest campaign in opposition to planning permission granted to the ESB by Sligo County Council last Monday to erect a 20 meter telecommunications mast at its sub-station site at Frankford, Enniscrone. The mast is to be used for a 5G network.

    News of the development has caused concern locally with a public protest meeting held on Thursday last at the site.

    Many local people argue that the planning notice for the proposed development was not adequately displayed in the town, claiming it was erected on a gate, which already had numerous ESB signs beside it.

    There are concerns about the potential health impact on the local population from a 5G mast, as it will be located in a populated area with 5 housing estates in the immediate area and a crèche close by. Several hundred people live in close proximity to the site.

    Concerns over the visual impact of the development have also been raised.

    Local Independent councillor Joe Queenan told Midwest News today that it’s “bizarre” the way in which “the community only realised that a planning application had been sought for this development on the Sunday and the next day, last Monday, it was granted”.

    Midwest News contacted the ESB about the development and in a written response the company confirmed that a planning application had been submitted by it to Sligo County Council for the development of telecommunications infrastructure at Enniscrone. “As the planning process is in train, we are not in a position to comment further at this stage”.




  • The company that manages Ireland West Airport Knock has been fined a total of €10,000 for the illegal use of green diesel.

    RTE reports that Connaught Airport Development Company Limited pleaded guilty to four counts of illegal use of green diesel in vehicles, including a de-icer, a snow plough, a small bus for transporting passengers, and a fuel tanker.

    Tubbercurry District Court heard that airport management co-operated with officers employed by the Office of the Revenue Commissioners and accepted that green diesel was being used in 14 vehicles at the Mayo airport.

    Evidence given outlined that officials claimed they were not aware the practice of using green diesel was illegal and that they had "always" used the fuel.

    The court heard that management believed - as the vehicles were not on public roads - the fuel was permitted to be used but since the detection, all use of green diesel has ceased at the airport.

    Judge Kevin Kilrane said it was a negligence matter more than intent to defraud, adding that the airport was a vital link in the west.

    Judge Kilrane convicted Connaught Airport Development Company Ltd on all four counts, fining the company €2,500 in each matter.


  • Hosts England will kick start their title defence in a fortnight’s time when the Republic of Ireland travel to Luton Town to take on the three lions on Friday, March 16 (KO 7pm).

    This will be William O’Connor’s second away fixture on the bounce and he’ll be hoping to start the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations early with a valuable win away from home in Kenilworth Stadium to make it two wins from two.

    The visitors toppled the Welsh in The Rock two weeks ago to open the 2018 Centenary Shield schedule. A first half brace, the first courtesy of Coláiste Dún Iascaigh, Cahir scholar and Irish Captain Cian MURPHY came eight minutes in. This was cancelled out on the quarter hour mark by Welsh forward Alaric Jones. However the Irish lead was regained a few minutes later through last year’s star St. Declan’s Community College scholar Darryl WALSH. A solid second half performance from the Irish was enough to see off Marc Lloyd Williams’ crew in Cefn Druids AFC to ensure a top of the table appearance for the short term.

    O’Connor will make one change to the Irish set up with Balbriggan pupil Lido Lofeta making way for Grennan College player Colm Whelan for this encounter.

    The English will be relishing this game having demolished the Republic in Dublin twelve months previous with a comprehensive second half display to come from 2-0 down to win out 5-2. The victory ensured a share of the spoils with Northern Ireland last season and the English will be hoping to replicate such success again. Home advantage will prove important for England’s first game of the season and they will be bolstered by the return of forward Jack Butler (King Edward VI High School) who had an impressive campaign for them last year.

    England’s preparations for the Centenary Shield have gone exceptional well. The crew travelled to Valencia for their warm weather training a fortnight ago. A full week of training with two friendly games in the mix proved very productive.  England overcame Valencia and Levante 2-1 on both outings.

    Confidence in the camp will be high heading into this game and it always proves a pulsating tie with the Irish. A number of the Republic of Ireland outfit will be looking to improve their record against their opponents asJames CARROLL (St. Oliver’s Community College, Drogheda), Darryl WALSH (St. Declan’s Community College) who captained the Irish that evening, Ronan MANNING (formerly of Calasanctius College, Oranmore and currently of Yeats College) and Jack RYAN (Templeogue College) all featured that evening in a frustrating night for Paddy O’Reilly’s charges.

    Following the England encounter, O’Connor’s side will be out again on March 29 in Monaghan United FC as they take on their Northern counterparts in their penultimate fixture. The Irish will then entertain Scotland in their final game of the season when they face the tartan army on April 12 in Home Farm FC, Whitehall. Both home games have a 2pm kick off.

    England Schools have taken things up a notch by managing to secure live television coverage this season of their two home fixtures, thanks to their partners at 247 .TV and FreeSports

    REPUBLIC OF IRELAND SELECT | Daniel Houghton& Kieran Farren (Carndonagh Community School), Adam O’Connor (St. Clare’s College, Ballyjamesduff), James Carroll (St. Oliver’s Community College, Drogheda), Luke McNicholas (Balla Secondary School), Darryl Walsh (St. Declan’s Community College), Ronan Manning & Adam Rooney (Yeats College, Galway), Liam Kerrigan (St. Attracta’s CS, Tubbercurry), Cian Lee (Boyne Community School), Peter Adigun(Riversdale Community College), Ali Regbha (Chanel College, Coolock), Jack Ryan (Templeogue College), Jake Walker (St. Kevin’s Community College, Clondalkin) Colm Whelan (Grennan College, Thomastown), Rory Doyle (St. Francis College, Rochestown), Cian Murphy (Coláiste Dun Iascaigh, Cahir), Adam Conway (De La Salle College, Waterford)


    MANAGEMENT | Head Coach William O’Connor (Balbriggan Community College), Coach John McShane (Dublin Oak Academy, Bray),  GK Coach Conor Foley (Athlone Community College), Performance Analyst Ollie Horgan (St. Eunan’s College, Letterkenny), Kit Manager Paul Masterson, Physio Mickey McGlynn Doctor Aiden O’Colmain

    ENGLAND | Daniel Gould, Callum Coulter, Ethan Brookes, Adam Crowther, Fraser Colling, Alex Doyle, Sam McCallum, Cormac Pike, Noah Smerdon, Kyle O’Connor-Ajayi,Ryan Penny,Emmanuel Ogunrinde,Robert Deda,Cieran Jackson, Jack Butler, David Neligwa, Harvey Howell, King Baidoo

    2018 Centenary Shield Results & Fixtures

    February 15         Wales 1-2 Republic of Ireland                       The Rock, Cefn Druids FC (7pm)

    March 9                Scotland vs Northern Ireland                       Greenock Morton FC (7pm)

    March 15              Northern Ireland vs Wales                             Newry City AFC (3pm)

    March 16              England vs Republic of Ireland                   Kenilworth Stadium, Luton Town FC (7pm)

    March 23              England vs Scotland                                        Bootham Crescent, York City FC (7pm)

    March 29             Republic of Ireland vs Northern Ireland  Monaghan United FC (2pm)

    March 29             Wales vs England                                              Cardiff Metropolitan University FC (7pm)

    April 6                   Northern Ireland vs England                        Belfast (7pm)

    April 12                  Republic of Ireland vs Scotland                  Home Farm FC (2pm)


    April 19                 Scotland vs Wales                                             Queen of the South FC (7pm)

  • Saturday's Connacht Post Primary Schools Senior A Final between Rice College and St Attracta's has been postponed due to weather conditions. It had been scheduled for Tuam Stadium. 

    Following school closures, weather warnings and forecasted deterioration of conditions over the coming days, Comhairle Chonnacht have decided to postpone all Post Primary Schools fixtures scheduled for Thursday 1st, Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd March.

    Refixture dates for these games will be sent out to all Schools on Monday 5th March.

    The Connacht GAA Post Primary Schools Senior A Championship Football Final is now scheduled for Saturday 10th March 2018 in Tuam Stadium, Throw in 12.30pm.