Shannon Key West Hotel

  • Following on from suspected arson attacks at a hotel in Rooskey, Co Roscommon, a local Councillor is calling for a joint meeting of the Boyle and Carrick-on-Shannon municipal districts, in a bid to address what he calls "the escalating events" at the Shannon Key West Hotel.

    Two small fires broke out at the premises on Monday night, 5 weeks after a previous fire at the hotel, which is due to accomodate 80 asylum seekers in the coming weeks.

    Condemning the incidents, Roscommon Fianna Fail Councillor Joe Murphy is now seeking a meeting between the two municipal districts, saying we need to get county councillors from Roscommon and Leitrim working together on the issue, as Rooskey villages straddles the two counties.

    Councillor Murphy is also hoping an official from the Department of Justice would attend such a joint meeting.

    Meanwhile, another anti-racism rally will take place in Rooskey on Sunday.

    The Leitrim / Roscommon United Against Racism group is organising a rally outside the hotel from 12.30 on Sunday afternoon.

  • A fire occurred, for the second time in five weeks, last night at the Shannon Key West Hotel, Rooskey, on the Leitrim/ Roscommon border. The hotel is still ear-marked to become a reception centre for asylum seekers.

    Just before ten o clock last night a window was broken in the building and an attempt was made to start a fire on the premises. The alarms in the hotel went off and security personnel in the hotel called the Gardaí.

    Three units of the fire services arrived on the scene and brought the incident under control. No serious damage was caused.

    Gardaí in Co Leitrim will carry out a forensic examination at the scene today.

    Less than 5 weeks ago Gardaí had to respond to an arson attack on the hotel. On that occasion smoke damage was caused but last night's incident has now raised serious concern in the area with Gardaí investigating claims that a fire bomb may have been used.

  • Gardaí are investigating the cause of a fire yesterday evening at the former Shannon Key West hotel in Rooskey, on the Roscommom/ Leitrim border, which had been due to open as an accommodation centre for asylum seekers.

    The alarm was raised at about a quarter to eight last night.

    Gardaí from Carrick-on-Shannon Garda station and a number of fire tenders went to the scene, and sealed off the area around the hotel. There were no reports of injuries, and witnesses said there was little obvious damage apart from smoke damage to the outside of the building.

    In a statement this morning, the Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan said he is deeply concerned by the incident.

    He states that the hotel had recently contracted with his Department to provide accommodation for 80 asylum seekers who have come to Ireland to seek protection, many of whom, he says, have experienced conflict and trauma and are vulnerable.

    The Minister concludes saying that the final preparations were being made in the hotel for their arrival. Thankfully, there were no residents in situ when the fire broke out. A security guard who was on the premises was not injured and managed to raise the alarm.The investigation into the cause of the fire must now take place.



  • The Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan and the Minister of State for Immigration & Integration David Stanton have expressed grave concern at the reports of a fire last night in the Shannon Key West Hotel in Rooskey.

    Last night at around 9:15, two small fires were found on the first floor of the Shannon Key West Hotel in Rooskey, where 80 asylum seekers are due to move in.

    The fires were soon brought under control by on-site security guards - and it's believed no serious damage was caused.

    Minister Flanagan said last night's fire at the hotel comes just five weeks after a previous fire at the premises, and said this pattern of behaviour represents an unacceptable and worrying development, and should be condemned by all.

    The Justice Minister says the person or people responsible for this attack have shown a reckless disregard for the safety of human life and no respect for private property.

    He said the hotel owners had just completed the necessary repairs from the last fire, and the damage will now have to be assessed again, for the second time this year.



  • Members of the community in Rooskey are taking to the streets this lunchtime to let asylum seekers know they're welcome.

    It follows a number of recent fires at the Shannon Key West Hotel which has been earmarked for the development of a Direct Provision centre.

    Organiser Eamonn Crudden says they're putting on a 'NO TO RACISM' rally to let asylum seekers know they're welcome.


    There's been slight confrontation at a 'No To Racism' rally in Rooskey Co. Roscommon.

    Videos online show demonstrators and the public having heated engagements.

    This afternoons rally comes in response to the recent fires which have delayed the development of a hotel in the village earmarked for asylum seekers.