School Strike for Climate Change

  • Young people across the country are planning to hold a School Strike on May 24th calling on all political candidates and parties to support radical action to halt runaway climate change and prevent environmental disaster.

    Joe Daly the local election candidate for People Before Profit in the Castlebar Municipal District is calling on the people of the county to show solidarity and support for the youth.

    As a teacher and father, Mr Daly says young people are worried about the future of the planet and take very seriously the warnings coming from the scientific community.

    He accuses the government of  blocking the People Before Profit “Keep it in the Ground Bill” from moving through the Dáil and is instead focusing on a carbon tax, which he claims,  has been shown to have no effect in countries like Canada where it has been tried.

    Joe Daly insists we need taxation on the profits of the big polluting fossil fuel companies so we can use that revenue to create a public transport system, retrofit homes with insulation, invest in offshore wind and wave energy.