PNA ambulance staff

  • Ambulance workers from the Psychiatric Nurses Association say they've been left with no choice but to go on strike.

    500 of them have begun a 24 hour walkout across the country as part of a dispute over union recognition.

    The workers will still deal with emergencies and the HSE says all calls are being responded to.

    Bertie Dowling is an advanced paramedic in Mayo and he told Midwest News that there has been no movement in this dispute.

    “It’s just about Union recognition, we just want our union to represent us,” said Mr Dowling.

    “They won’t even tell us the reasons why they won’t talk to us.”

  • Paramedics who are members of the Psychiatric Nurses' Association will protest at Leinster House later, demanding the HSE recognise their union.

    They plan to strike for 24 hours starting at 7am on the 19th of July in the eighth day of industrial action in their campaign.

    Tony Gregg, secretary of the PNA paramedics' branch, says the right to decide what union to join belongs to the worker - not an employer.

  • Ambulance personnel who are members of the Psychiatric Nurses Association will protest outside Leinster House this afternoon, as part of their campaign to be represented by the union of their choice.

    PNA ambulance personnel have already staged strikes at a number of ambulance bases in Co Mayo in recent weeks in their dispute with the HSE over union recognition.

    The NASRA branch of the PNA represents upto 500 ambulance staff, but the HSE has refused to recognise the union for negotiating purposes.

    This afternoon's protest outside the Dáil will mark a new campaign of escalating industrial action, with two 24-hour strikes scheduled to take place in the coming weeks - once in the week beginning 27th May, and the second the following week.


  • Ambulance personnel members of the Psychiatric Nurses Association (PNA) meeting  in Mullingar today agreed to escalate their industrial action with a rolling series of 24 hour strikes in pursuit of their right to join and be represented by the PNA as the union of their choice.

    Dates for the series of 24- hour national ambulance strikes will be confirmed at the PNA Annual Delegate Conference on May 2nd.  PNA ambulance personnel will also mount a second protest at Dail Eireann on May 15th.

    Peter Hughes, PNA General Secretary, said to move industrial action to 24- hour strikes is a clear and determined message to the HSE that the resolve of ambulance personnel to win the right to be represented by PNA, a recognised trade union with over 40 years’ experience representing workers in healthcare, is undiminished.

  • Ambulance members of the Psychiatric Nurses Association (PNA) will protest at Leinster House, tomorrow (Thurs) from 12.30 pm. to 2.30 pm. in their continuing campaign for the right to join, and be represented by the PNA as the union of their choice.

    PNA has also announced that over 500 PNA ambulance branch members (including paramedics, advanced paramedics and emergency medical technicians) will hold a further 24-hour national strike on Friday 19th July from 7am  to 7 am Saturday 20th July. 

    Peter Hughes, PNA General Secretary, said ambulance personnel members are determined that Oireachtas members will hear a very clear message before the Dail summer recess.

    ‘The message is unchanged”, he explained, “ambulance personnel, who established their own branch within the PNA ten years ago, demand the right to be members of PNA as the union of their choice and will not be forced by the HSE to join another union”

    He is calling on the new HSE Director General , Paul Reid to bring this dispute to an end finally and allow ambulance personnel members of the PNA to get on with providing vital services.    

  • There could be a backlog at A&E departments across the country later today as ambulance workers from the Psychiatric Nurses Association go on strike from 2pm this afternoon.

    500 ambulance staff, are staging a 24 hour walkout as part of a union recognition row.

    The workers insist they won't be backing down, and have threatened more strikes if their demands aren't met.

    The PNA's Tony Gregg says the industrial action will cause problems at hospitals.

  • Up to 500 ambulance workers nationally are planning to strike for a sixth day today.

    The strike action will run from 7am until 5pm - as part of their campaign to be represented by the Psychiatric Nurses Association.

    PNA ambulance branch members claim the HSE is attempting to force them to be members of unions they don't want to join.

    They've warned they're prepared to escalate the strike, and have called an EGM for tomorrow week -18th April in Mullingar to consider further action. 

    Last week's strike saw PNA ambulance staff on the picket lines in Castlebar and Ballina.

    However, staff had to leave the picket line outside the Sacred Heart Hospital in Castlebar to respond to emergency calls.


  • The Psychiatric Nurses Association says it plans to 'escalate' its current dispute with the HSE if a solution isn't found.

    Over 500 ambulance service staff with the union are in the middle of a 24 hour strike in a row over union recognition.

    The PNA is recognised by the HSE, but not its ambulance service branch.

    General Secretary of the PNA, Peter Hughes, says they aren't afraid to take things further.