phone scam

  • Gardai in Ballina are advising listeners of a phone scam that is happening across the region at present.

    A call is received from an automated voice that identifies itself as Amazon Prime.

    It thanks you for your business with Amazon Prime and says its renewing your account and that 39.95 will be deducted from your bank account.

    If you want to cancel. press 1.

    When you press 1,  you get through to an actual person, often with a foreign accent, and they tell you to download an app. The app has a number and if uploaded allows the scammers to remotely access your mobile phone and pc.

    The message from the gardai is  - do not engage with this or any caller that is seeking any bank details.

  • Claremorris Gardai are advising the public of several reports of a scam where people are receiving telephone calls from persons purporting to be from Revenue, saying that they own money to revenue.

    Gardai are urging members of the public to be vigilant, and not to engage with any unsolicited phone callers who claim to be from revenue.

    Claremorris Gardai have received a number of reports of such scams.

  • The Department of Social Protection has issued a warning about scammers pretending to be from its offices.

    It says people have received phone calls where the caller asks for details like the person's name, PPS number and sometimes bank details.

    The department insists it's staff  would NEVER requests this information over the phone and is urging the public to ignore the calls.

  • A woman in Westport this morning lost thousands of euro and had her bank account cleared out, after she fell for a telephone scam.

    Across this region there have been a number of victims to these scams in recent weeks, and gardai are again advising the public to be vigilant and not to give personal details to anyone over the phone.

    A scam caller, contacting eircom customers in the north Mayo region over the past number of days, offering free upgrade on broadband, has managed to steal thousands of euros from two separate victims.