New Zealand

  • 40 people have been killed after a terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch in New Zealand.

    20 others are seriously injured after gunmen started shooting at worshippers.

    Four people have been arrested - one of them is an Australian-born citizen.

    New Zealand's security threat level has been increased to "high" and the prime minister says it's one of the country's "darkest days".


    The Irish embassy in New Zealand says it's in touch with the New Zealand authorities and is monitoring the situation.

    Any Irish Citizens in Christchurch who need to contact the Embassy can do so on 04-4712252.




  • The Government is considering allowing convicted drink-drivers drive to work.

    Officials have been asked to examine a system in operation in New Zealand.

    In New Zealand a person can apply for a limited licence that would allow them drive at specific times for specific reasons.

    They must prove to a court their driving ban causes them extreme hardship or undue hardship to someone else.

    The Sunday Business Post reports that if the move was considered in Ireland it would be most likely in cases where people need their car in order to get to and from work.

    According to the paper Transport Minister Shane Ross would consider any such proposal from the Vintner's Federation of Ireland.

    Ireland's tough drink driving laws have seen automatic driving bans, fines and penalty points introduced for those caught over the limit.