new car sales

  • 2019 continues to be a disappointing year for the Irish motor industry, with new car registrations since January down 7% on the same period last year - according to a new report from the Society for the Irish Motor Industry.

    New car sales in Mayo and Galway from January to November are down by over 10%, and by 11.5% in Roscommon.

    1,935 new cars have been registered this year in Mayo, compared to 2,168 at the end of November last year.

    The report's authors say that, despite a small increase in November, new car registrations nationally are down 7%, while for the second year in a row, used car imports have exceeded 100,000 which is having a dampening impact on new car sales.

    3,240 new electric cars have been registered so far this year - which is almost three times the number registered last year.

    With generous incentives for customers to buy a new car in the New year across all brands, those involved in the industry are hopeful for a busy start to 2020.


  • New car sales in Roscommon fell by over 12% last year - almost three times the national average.

    That's according to new figures from the Society of the Irish Motor Industry, which show total new car registrations nationally for 2018 finished over 4% down on 2017.

    1,050 new cars were registered in Roscommon in 2018, compared to over 1200 the previous year.

    In Mayo, 2168 new cars were registered last year - a drop of almost 5% on 2017.

    There was also a 5% drop in Sligo and a 3% reduction in Galway in new car registrations.

    Meanwhile, the number of used cars imported into this country exceeded the 100,000 mark for the first time .


    Brian Cooke, Director General Designate of the Society of the Irish Motor Industry, says despite Ireland's strong economic performance last year, 2018 was very challenging for new car sales - largely as a result of Brexit and the associated weakness of sterling.

    He told Midwest News that this has led to a surge in used car imports over the last two years - and the trend is reflected across the West of Ireland.....

  • Car sales in Co Mayo so far this year are down almost 9% on this time last year.

    Latest figures from the Society of the Irish Motor Industry shows total new car registrations for Co Mayo to date in 2019 are 1,182 - down from 1,291 this time last year -that's a drop of 8.4%.

    In Galway, there's a drop of over 10% in new car registrations so far this year, and a 13% decrease in Co Roscommon.

    However, the number of imported used cars is up almost 10% nationally, while new electric vehicle registrations continue to grow.

    So far this year, 1,437 EV cars have been registered across the country - which has surpassed the total number for the whole of 2018.

    The society's director general-designate Brian Cooke says new car sales are being dampened by Brexit uncertainty, while the increase in VRT on new cars for 2019 has also had a negative impact.

    He says the one positive in the market is the increase in the number of new electric car registrations.