Mobile Phones

  • The road safety officer at Mayo County Council says he would like to see new hi-tech cameras that detect drivers using their mobile phones being introduced in this country.

    Police in Australia are set to use automated camera technology to identify drivers who use their at phones at the wheel.

    Noel Gibbons says that if you look at your phone for just four seconds while you are driving it’s like driving the equivalent of more than 100 yards blindfolded.

    Mr. Gibbons says motorists need to believe that using a handheld phone brings real consequences

  • Mobile phone users can take action to improve the phone coverage in their homes, that's according to Galway based Minister Sean Canney.

    Minister Canney's call follows recent legislation of Mobile Phone Repeaters by the communications regulator, Comreg.

    The Galway East TD believes that people in poor areas of coverage may not be able to recieve or make calls because of the density of their homes.

    He said that mobile phone users who need to leave the four walls of their home for signal may need to install a device called a repeater, which can be found and supplied at

    Minister Canney said that the onus is on individual homes to seek repeaters to improve their mobile network quality.