Minister Daly

  • People receiving homecare support may have to pay some of the costs themselves in the future.

    At present, homecare support services are provided free, unlike residential care under the Fair Deal scheme where people make a contribution towards the cost.

    The Irish Times reports that Minister of State for Older People, Jim Daly, is looking at a new co-payment charging system for homecare support.

    He says the proposed new reforms, if approved by Cabinet, could come into effect in 2021.

  • A Mayo TD today raised concerns over Belmullet District Hospital and Aras Deirbhle on a topical issue in the Dail with Minister for Older People Jim Daly.

    Minister Daly assured Mayo Fianna Fail TD Dara Calleary that there is no threat to the future of the facility and said while he is in office, he will not let the facility be downgraded.

    Deputy Calleary outlined the situation to Minister Daly, where concerns have arisen that changes to staffing may impact on the facilities.

    There seems to be a difference in the number of short stay beds that the HSE has told Minister Daly are being staffed – he has been informed 12 short stay beds are in operation at any time, while Deputy Calleary was told that there are 18 support acute discharge beds, with 2 additional short stay beds – so 20 in total.

    The Minister also confirmed he will be visiting the hospital but it will be later this month or the beginning of next month.

    Deputy Calleary told Minister Daly he was concerned at the discrepancy in the information regarding the number of short stay beds at Belmullet Hospital.

    Minister Daly told Deputy Calleary that he has requested the information on how many short stay beds are in Belmullet Hospital from Tony Canavan of the HSE.

  • No progress was made on securing the future of the Rosalie Unit in Castlerea, following a meeting between local public representatives, family members, HSE officials and Minister Jim Daly on Wednesday night.

    According to both Fine Gael Senator Maura Hopkins and family advocate Liam Walsh, the status quo remains and the issue is no further on.

    The meeting was attended by Minister Daly, local representatives and Charlie Meehan Head of Mental Health Services and Tony Canavan Chief Health Officer.

    It was confirmed by the HSE officials that clinical assessments are continuing on the 12 residents of the unit but the families were informed in letters this week, that these assessments will not contribute the decision on the future plans for the Rosalie Unit but are being used to put care plans in place for residents.

    Tony Canavan is due to meet with Minister Daly again after the clinical assessments are complete.


    Liam Walsh’s mother is a resident at the Rosalie Unit. He too attended last night’s meeting.

    He said it is disappointing that the status quo remains and it is creating anxiety for the residents.

    Mr Walsh told Midwest News that when visiting his mother on the day of the meeting, another resident asked him to tell the Minister and HSE officials that they don’t want to leave the unit.