Michael Lynn

  • Former solicitor Michael Lynn who is accused of multi-million euro thefts was in court today as part of preparations for his trial next year.

    Mr Lynn (50) with an address in St Alban's Park, Sandymount, Dublin, is facing 21 charges relating to the alleged theft of almost €30 million from seven financial institutions.

    In one of the sample charges before the court, Mr Lynn is accused of stealing €4.1 million from Irish Nationwide on April 4, 2007.

    In another sample count, he is charged with stealing €3.6 million from Ulster Bank on October 20, 2006.

    In March 2018 Mr Lynn was extradited to Ireland from Brazil, where he had been living for several years.

    He was taken into custody in Brazil in August 2013. In June last year he was granted bail on an independent surety of €100,000.

    His trial at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court is fixed for January 13, 2020. A pre-trial date was set for November 28, 2019.

    Mr Lynn appeared in court today when John Berry BL, prosecuting, told the court that the DPP had now completed 56 categories of disclosure sought by the defence.

    Counsel said there were some outstanding matters and asked the court to fix a date for a one hour hearing.

    Padraig Dwyer SC, defending, told Judge Patricia Ryan that a lot of work has being done “behind the scenes” by the defense lawyers.

  • Mayo-born former solicitor Michael Lynn has won his appeal over a High Court decision not to allow him out on bail while he awaits trial.

    The 49-year-old Crossmolina native, with an address at St. Alban's Park in Sandymount, Dublin was extradited from Brazil three months ago to face 21 theft charges amounting to € 30m which he's accused of stealing from seven financial institutions between Oct 2006 and June 2007.

    Bail was initially refused and Michael Lynn failed to convince the High Court to overturn that decision, so he took his case to the Court of Appeal today, where the three judges agreed he should be granted bail  - given the fact his trial isn't due to start until Jan 2020, by which time he will have spent six and a half years in prison.

    They also felt the risk of him fleeing again had diminished, given the change in his situation.

    Bail was approved subject to certain stringent conditions .



  • The Court of Appeal has heard that letter, sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions on behalf of struck-off solicitor Michael Lynn, claimed the State was trying to "nail" an "innocent man" .

    50-year old Michael Lynn, a Mayo native with an address at Carlton Square, Maynooth, Co Kildare, is due to stand trial at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court next year on 21 counts of stealing almost €30m from seven financial institutions.

     In two of the sample charges, Mr Lynn is accused of stealing €4.1m from Irish Nationwide on April 4, 2007 and €3.6m from Ulster Bank on October 20, 2006.

    He left Ireland in 2007 but was extradited last year from Brazil where he had spent four-and-a-half years in jail on remand.

    Brazilian authorities sought assurances that any time Mr Lynn spent in prison awaiting extradition would be deducted from any potential prison sentence here, and he would not serve more than 30 years in prison here if found guilty.

    The Irish Independent reports that his lawyers challenged those assurances in the Irish High Court, arguing they could not have been given.

    But their arguments were rejected, and the case came before the Court of Appeal yesterday where judgment was reserved.





  • Crossmolina native Michael Lynn will arrive back in Ireland today, more than 10 years after he fled the country, according to the Irish Independent.

    50-year-old former solicitor Mr Lynn boarded a flight out of Brazil last night and is scheduled to arrive in Dublin Airport at lunchtime today, along with four Gardai.

    It marks the end of a saga that began when he did not attend a High Court hearing on €80m fraud charges in 2007.

    He was arrested in Brazil in 2013 and fought extradition back to Ireland to the last.

    Yesterday, he was taken from the Cotel prison, where he has been for almost five years, and put on a flight to Frankfurt.

    From Frankfurt he was scheduled to be put on a connecting flight to Dublin, arriving today at noon.

    At the time he fled to Brazil, Mr Lynn was facing 33 charges in the High Court relating to an alleged €80m mortgage fraud.

    Some of the charges will be dropped as part of the extradition deal with Brazil.


  • A date has been set for the trial of a former Mayo-born solicitor charged with the theft of almost € 30m from seven different banks.

    Michael Lynn, formerly of St. Albans, Sandymount in Dublin, is facing 21 counts of theft between October 2006 and June 2007.

    In one of the sample charges before the court, Mr Lynn is accused of stealing €4.1 million from Irish Nationwide on April 4, 2007.

    In another sample count, he is charged with stealing €3.6 million from Ulster Bank on October 20, 2006.

    The Crossmolina native was arrested in Brazil in 2013 and was extradited back to Ireland two months ago.

    His trial is expected to take between six and eight weeks, and is due to get underway in January 2020.

    Mr Lynn was remanded in continuing custody.


  • Former solicitor Michael Lynn has been remanded in custody following a court appearance in Dublin yesterday evening.

    He was extradited from Brazil and arrived at Dublin Airport yesterday afternoon.

    The 49 year old Crossmolina native appeared before Dublin District Court where he was charged with the theft of just under 30 million euro.

    Mr Lynn is facing 21 charges under the theft and fraud offences act relating to alleged offences in 2006 and 2007.

    He applied for bail, but Gardaí objected due to the seriousness of the charges and their belief that he was a flight risk.

    After considering the issue, Judge Jones refused bail and remanded Mr Lynn in custody.

    The judge said he was satisfied that Mr Lynn had no outstanding bench warrants and was entitled to the presumption of innocence, but also said he considered him to be a flight risk and therefore could not grant bail.

    Mr Lynn was served with the book of evidence and will appear at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court on March 23.






  • Former solicitor Michael Lynn has taken up bail, after the Court of Appeal paved the way for him to do so.

    The 49-year-old mayo native, with an address in Maynooth, Co. Kildare, was extradited from Brazil in March and is due to stand trial in January 2020.

    He's accused of stealing € 30m from seven financial institutions.

    Mr Lynn was refused bail in the High Court, but that decision was overturned on appeal earlier this month, and he has now been released from custody.


  • A Mayo solicitor has lost his challenge to the DPP’s assurances to authorities in Brazil that his time spent in a prison there awaiting extradition will be set off against any prison sentence imposed on his him, according to today’s Irish Independent.

    These assurances were required by Brazilian authorities before they will sanction Crossmolina native Michael Lynn’s extradition, which his lawyers have said is due next week.

    Mr Lynn had sought assurances from the High Court such assurances could not be given. Had he secured them, he may have used them in efforts in Brazil to prevent his extradition, his lawyers indicated.

    In his ruling yesterday, Mr Justice Michael McGrath rejected arguments by Mr Lynn that guarantees or assurances provided in letters from the Irish embassy in Brazil to the Brazilian authorities last January and earlier this month amounted to unlawful interference with the judicial function in the context of the separation of powers.

    He said the issue of whether the contents of the letters satisfied the requirements of the Brazilian authorities is a matter for the Brazilian courts and it not for the Irish courts.

    In Mr Lynn’s case the guarantees had to be given by March 11th 2018 failing which, as a matter of Brazilian law, he must be released from custody, Mr Justice McGrath said.

    He refused to put a stay on his ruling pending any appeal.

  • It's understood former solicitor Michael Lynn has arrived in Dublin Airport after being extradited from Brazil.

    The 50 year old Crossmolina native is wanted here to face charges in connection with alleged offences linked to a 80 million euro debt.

    It's understood he will be brought to a Garda station, but it's unclear when he will appear in court because of the weather.



  • Former solicitor Michael Lynn is due to be extradited from Brazil next week.

    His counsel Michael O’Higgins told the High Court yesterday that the Crossmolina native expects to be extradited back to Ireland on February 28.

    He said Mr Lynn’s lawyers were informed late on Tuesday night that the extradition is set to take place.

    Michael Lynn is looking for a declaration from the High Court that his time in a Brazilian prison will be taken into account if he is convicted in Ireland.

    The struck-off solicitor failed to turn up in the High Court in 2007 and fled the country, leaving behind an estimated €80 million in debts.

    He is being held at a remand prison in Recife in northwest Brazil.

    Mr Lynn has been in prison since 2013 when Brazilian federal police, acting on behalf of Interpol, arrested him.

    His High Court challenge relates to an offer by the Director of Public Prosecutions to Brazil of a guarantee that Mr Lynn's time served in that country would be offset against any prison term he might get in Ireland if convicted.

    Mr O'Higgins told the court that Irish authorities have no legal power to do that and Mr Lynn needs a declaration from the High Court.

    Senior Counsel Sean Gillane, for the DPP, argued the proceedings should be dismissed.

    Mr Justice Michael McGrath reserved judgment, and said he hopes to rule by tomorrow, given the extradition is scheduled for 28 February.